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From wedding receptions (groom vs. bride) parties and private silent house parties to silent movies and silent exercise sessions at your local gym, we can handle it all, big or small! We provide all equipment needed, a deposit card system, event managers, DJs, staging, and even lighting if needed. Fill out an interest form now, and one of our members will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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Naudible Silent Events

Our studio quality, 3 channel, LED headphones bring a clear, professional sound with perfect acoustics, comfort, and an easy-to-use design. Our transmitters emit a strong and reliable signal with no disruptions!

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About Naudible

Learn more about our founders, the impetus of how we got started, and why we are uniquely positioned in the United Arab Emirates and surrounding countries to supply your silent event needs.

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Our Main Message

We are a team of event curators who have collaborated with some of the UAE's top culture and arts entities. Our silent event technology is the best in the Middle East with 3 channel, LED headphone technology that will blow you and your clients away.

We will support you and your event needs from the planning phase until the event is successfully executed. We believe that silent events are the present and future of nightlife and special events. Tired of getting noise complaints with your events? Need momentum and a new, popular event concept that your crowd is sure to love? Want to put a twist on traditional wedding receptions? Want a more personalized gym or fitness work out concept? Naudible Silent Events is exactly what you've been looking for!


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